Our Mission

What We Do:

  • The primary mission of the Foundation is to provide scholarships for W-L graduates…exclusively.
  • Each initial senior scholarship is granted in the amount of $1500 and is renewable in the amount of $1,000 annually up to three times. Recipients are invited to reapply providing they maintain good academic standing in an increasingly focused academic program, while making meaningful contributions to the college community.
  • Foundation Scholars can receive as much as $4500 over the course of their undergraduate study. The monetary support is not only a valuable contribution towards education expenses, but also is a gesture of honor and respect given in response to excellence.
  • A secondary mission of the Foundation is to provide a professional development fellowship to a faculty member on continuing contract status. Assisting W-L’s staff enhances the high academic standards for which the school is noted.
  • W-L Alumni, active and retired faculty, the W-L Parent-Teachers Association, and Arlington community supporters have sustained the Foundation mission for many years. This generosity has provided scholarships and fellowships that extend W-L High School’s influence around the world.

How Do We Compare to the W-L Alumni Association?

  • Both the W-L High School Education Foundation and the Washington-Lee Alumni Association have been recognized as 501 (c)(3) organizations.
  • All contributions made to the Foundation are tax deductible.
  • The Foundation provides (a) criteria-based scholarships to graduating W-L Seniors, (b) faculty fellowships to continuing-contract teachers, and (c) renewal opportunities for previous recipients for up to three additional years.
  • The Foundation communicates with all alumni and faculty each spring via an annual Bulletin, in both mailed and virtual format.
  • The Foundation and the Alumni Association collaborate to maintain an accurate database of alumni and faculty.
  • Both organizations celebrate and cooperate with W-L to keep the excellence alive!