Faculty/Staff Fellowship

What is a W-L High School Education Foundation Faculty/Staff Fellowship?

A Foundation Fellowship provides a monetary award to support a faculty/staff member on continuing contract in a professional growth activity that will broaden and enrich his/her background and improve instruction.

Who is eligible?

Any W-L High School faculty/staff member who is under continuing contract may apply. The fellowship recipient intends to remain at W-L for at least three years following the grant.

What is the anticipated value of the fellowship?

The stipend can range up to $3000, depending on the proposal submitted by the applicant and the funds raised by the Foundation.

How many fellowships will be granted?

The Foundation will fund at least one fellowship annually. Depending upon contributions received by the Foundation, there is the possibility of funding more than one fellowship.

Who selects the fellowship recipient(s) and on what criteria?

The W-L High School Education Foundation Board of Directors will select the recipient(s) based on the merit of the proposals submitted.

How can a faculty/staff member apply?

The faculty/staff member must complete the on-line Faculty/Staff Fellowship Application.  Since the application must be completed in one session, it is recommended that applicants create a separate document for their written responses and then copy/paste those responses into the online form. Responses to each prompt can be no more than 250 words.

The on-line application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, May 13, 2024

How does the foundation define “professional growth activity?”

The course/activity could be:

  1. Professional course of subject-enriching content, not necessarily for credit as much as for enhancement of instruction. Applicants should first pursue APS reimbursement for recertification credits; the Foundation prefers to support work beyond requirements.
  2. Professional conference, location not restricted.
  3. Professional travel–science teacher may want to explore a specific environment; art teacher may want to study in a special museum; guidance counselor may want to participate in strategic casework opportunities.
  4. Special project–a teacher or administrator may want to develop a new approach to a school issue.

What is expected of the fellowship recipient(s) upon completion of the professional growth activity?

Fellows are expected to provide the Foundation with a one-page report along with a good quality digital photograph, suitable for publication in the annual Foundation bulletin. Deadline will be December 1st. The Foundation also requires a good quality digital photograph of the Fellow to accompany the letter.

Please e-sign the waiver so that your name and photo can accompany Foundation communication about the fellowship in the Crossed Sabres and the Foundation Bulletin.

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