Student Scholarship Renewal (2024)

The Board of Directors of the W-L High School Education Foundation is pleased to announce that the Foundation will be awarding $1000 scholarship renewals to some past Foundation scholarship recipients who are continuing their undergraduate studies.

Who is eligible to apply?

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • You have been a W-L High School Education Foundation Scholarship recipient in previous years
  • You will be a full-time undergraduate student for the next academic year at an accredited institution of higher education

How many scholarships will be renewed?

The number of scholarship renewals will depend on the funds the Foundation raises during its Annual Giving Campaign, which begins in February with a bulletin mailed to all the 15,000 member W-L alumni and faculty database. If you know any W-L Alumni, encourage them to donate.

Will the scholarship renewals be competitive?

YES…since the number of renewal scholarships will be limited by available funds, these scholarships will be competitive. Use the on-line application form accessible at the bottom of this page.  Decisions on winners will be based on the stated criteria. Please follow instructions precisely because incomplete/incorrect forms will automatically be disqualified. Transcript from your most recent semester is required.

When will the scholarship renewals be announced?

All applicants will receive an email notice regarding renewal status from the W-L Foundation followed by an official confirmation letter, no later than July 31, 2024. Checks will be mailed to your designated address by mid-August.

How do I apply for a renewal scholarship?

First, make arrangements with your Registrar to have your official transcript mailed to the Foundation (postmarked) by June 30, 2024 W-L High School Education Foundation
P.O. Box 41595
Arlington, VA  22204

Official transcripts must include grades from the most recent semester/quarter. Submissions without an official transcript will be considered incomplete and ineligible for renewal consideration.

Because the application cannot be saved between writing sessions, it is suggested that you create a document and copy/paste your responses to the two essay questions. Responses to each prompt can be no more than 1250 characters. When you are satisfied with your responses to the two prompts, submit the on-line application by 11:59 PM, July 1, 2024.

Applications are accepted after a response to the Intent to Renew Survey.

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